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  1. Flying Insects and Robots Symposium
  2. Drones inspired by insects could keep flying even when damaged
  3. This flying robot could reveal secrets of the aerial world of insects
  4. Indiana Public Media | WFIU - NPR | WTIU - PBS

Flying Insects and Robots Symposium

While much work remains to be done on the mechanical insect, the researchers say that such small flying machines could one day be used as spies, or for detecting harmful chemicals. The U. Some extremely small parts can be made using the processes for creating microelectromechanical systems.

But such processes require a lot of time and money. Wood and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, needed a cheap, rapid fabrication process so they could easily produce different iterations of their designs. Ultimately, the team developed its own fabrication process.

Using laser micromachining, researchers cut thin sheets of carbon fiber into two-dimensional patterns that are accurate to a couple of micrometers. Sheets of polymer are cut using the same process.

Drones inspired by insects could keep flying even when damaged

By carefully arranging the sheets of carbon fiber and polymer, the researchers are able to create functional parts. For example, to create a flexure joint, the researchers arrange two tiny pieces of carbon composite and leave a gap in between. They then add a sheet of polymer perpendicularly across the two carbon pieces, like a tabletop on two short legs.

Two new pieces of carbon fiber are placed at either end of the polymer, as a final top layer. Once all the pieces are cured together, the resulting part resembles the letter H: the center is flexible but the sides are rigid. By fitting many little carbon-polymer pieces together, the researchers are able to create rather complicated parts that can bend and rotate precisely as required.

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To make parts that will move in response to electrical signals, the researchers incorporate electroactive polymers, which change shape when exposed to voltage. The entire fabrication process will be outlined in a paper appearing in an upcoming edition of the Journal of Mechanical Design.

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This flying robot could reveal secrets of the aerial world of insects

Scientists confirm that black holes are hairless and ring like a bell, gravitationally speaking, when they're born. Monday, September 23, Back to.

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Indiana Public Media | WFIU - NPR | WTIU - PBS

Technology News Science Engineers create robots that fly like insects, possibly advancing drone technology. Indo-Asian News Service Sep 15, IST Dutch engineers have developed a novel insect-inspired flying-wing robot, whose exceptional flight qualities can open up new drone applications.

DelFly Nimble in stationary flight. Image courtesy: Delft.

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