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    Read a chapter. Table of contents. Send an e-mail. Biodegradable polymers are niche but ever-expanding market materials finding focused applications in sectors where biodegradability, together with the performances they attain during use, offers systematic environmental benefits: agricultural applications, packaging, catering, hygiene and slow release items. They represent a highly promising solution, since they have the potential to overcome environmental concerns such as the decreasing availability of landfill space and the depletion of petrochemical resources, and also offer a sustainable alternative option to mechanical and chemical recycling.

    This handbook covers the mechanisms of degradation in various environments, by both biological and nonbiological means, and the methods for measuring biodegradation. Domb , Joseph Kost , David Wiseman.

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    Handbook of Biodegradable Polymers, the seventh volume in the Drug Delivery and Targeting book series, provides a source manual for synthetic procedures, properties and applications of bioerodible polymers. The authors describe widely available materials such as polyactides, collagen and gelatin, as well as polymers of emerging importance, such as the genetically-engineered and elastin-based polymers which are either proprietary or in early stages of development.

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    8. Section I addresses synthetic absorbable polymers, and Section 2 profiles natural, semi-synthetic and biosynthetic polymers. Section 3 discusses the surface characterization of degradable polymers, the modeling of biodegradation and non-medical polymers.

      Biodegradable Polymers as Drug Delivery Systems Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences