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  2. Mergers and acquisitions increasing in 2011–Are you considering the human factor?
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So what is the remedy?

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How can you manage in this climate of continuous change? The solution begins with understanding culture.

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And a few months after things have settled, give employees an opportunity to voice their feelings and perspectives through a survey that is anonymous. Take the time to share survey results and any changes that will be made. As companies choose to use mergers and acquisitions to grow and expand their reach and their offerings, they should take the time to clarify the cultural issues and focus on the people issues so that the deal is a financial, strategic and human success.

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Great article emphasizing the importance of integration of culture and people for a merger and acquisition activity to be a success. These transactions are fraught with challenges: People who previously may have been competitors are thrown together.

Employees fear being earmarked redundant. Competitors capitalize on the uncertainty.

Mergers and acquisitions increasing in 2011–Are you considering the human factor?

Existing cultures change. Analyze the culture of both organizations prior to the deal and decide the culture of the organization that emerges after the deal.

This would allow the HR team to focus on providing high-level counseling to senior or top management such as for strategic staffing, long-term incentive plans and schemes for developing a team of the desired level. To meet these obligations, HR practitioners must understand business functioning, its goals, financial operations, service development, marketing the product, and also the competitive landscape that makes them strategic business partners within the organization. Once the deal is secured, it is important to handle the outcome effectively.

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After merging or acquiring, financial service executives start focusing on the financial aspect due to risk assessments and relationships with investors. But certain hurdles to success such as workforce management and cultural integration may pose themselves to the HR department.

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  • The human factor is the leading factor why mergers and acquisitions fail.
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Providing solutions to these issues is a difficult task and HR readiness would be required in advance to assure the smooth transitioning post merging and acquiring. Integrating two organizations requires a comprehensive plan - a stage which in general, takes place within the first days of the decision to merge. The role of the HR department in this phase would also include helping employees with the change.

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  3. Mergers and Acquisitions: The Human Factor.
  4. The Human Factor in Mergers & Acquisitions.
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  6. Here, the HR supports the people and organisation through additional activities which include organization restructuring, talent retention and acquisition, communication, cultural integration, and reward and recognition. This can also include the integration of employment terms, payroll, in-employment and post-retirement benefits plans, and the development of new arrangements based on best practice from both legacies as well as best practices found externally. The HR department thus acts as a business partner when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

    Mergers and Acquisitions: The Human Factor | Emerald Insight

    This entails channeling the skills and enthusiasm of employees, merging the intellectual capital of both organizations and streamlining the way in which the new business operates to rapidly overcome hurdles and take advantage of synergies and reduce unit cost. Success in mergers and acquisition hugely depends on aligning the people, organizational and cultural assets of the new entity, all of which largely come under the department of human resource. Economy and Policy.

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