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She has literally had the weight of the world thrust on her shoulders with her life and her pack's lives hanging in the balance. This poor character has not had it easy, ever. And in the end, she is forced to give up being with humans other than TaLi and BreLan and go into hiding with them to escape DavRian. That is already a pretty bittersweet ending for her.

‘Genius 3’ Subject Revealed By Nat Geo – Deadline

But no, we have to kill her off in the stupidest way possible. There are good ways and bad ways to kill off characters. Driving the plot forward and effecting character development for another character are good reasons to kill off someone. Waiting till the end of the story, after the climax, and killing off the main character in a way that has no effect on the actual story or moral is not a good reason.

You can now manage your CreateSpace content on Amazon's improved publishing services.

Kaala did not die to protect the promise, she died after the promise was fulfilled. In what way did her death further the plot? She did die trying to save TaLi, but my issue is that it was so unnecessary. Why did she and TaLi sit around in the Inejalun talking about unimportant things before getting to the point? Why didn't Tlitoo take Kaala out first, since he obviously had some sense about how cold she was?

His ability to sense her coldness was referenced many times throughout the book. For that matter, why did Kaala not have immunity to the cold of the Inejalun like Tlitoo since she is half of the Nejakilikin? Why did Kaala need to die? After she dies, TaLi, BreLan, and Azzuen mourn and then walk off into the depressing sunset and the book just ends. So basically, main character dies, side characters are depressed, we never see the remnants of the Swift River pack again, and DavRian, the villain, gets away with mass murder and basically wins.

DavRian presumably proceeds to kill all the wolves in the valley. Yay, happy ending! I read fantasy to get an escape from how much the real world sucks, I don't enjoy reading about fantasy worlds that suck too. After all the shit Kaala had been put through, she deserved a few years to have her own pack with Azzuen.